The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime (the Commission) was established by the then Minister for Justice and Equality in March 2005 with a three year remit to disburse funding for the support of victims of crime. The Commission was also tasked with undertaking a comprehensive review of the current and future needs of victims of crime with a view to devising a framework of victim support services into the future.


In devising its Framework Document, the Commission met with the non-governmental organisations that provide support to victims of crime and also met with a number of the State’s criminal justice agencies.

In April, 2008 the Commission presented to the Minister for Justice and Equality the Framework Document - Recommendations for Future Structures and Services for Victims of Crime. This was published by the Minister in May 2008.

The main recommendations of the Framework Document were:



All of these recommendations were accepted by the Minister. In September 2008, the Minister reconstituted the Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime and established the Victims of Crime Office. The first meeting of the Consultative Forum took place in January, 2009.

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