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The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime distributes funding to organisations that support victims of crime. The annual funding cycle begins with a newspaper advertisement in the autumn. Following the closing date decisions are made  by the Commission on the basis of each Application for funding form for 2014   received. Organisations giving direct support to victims of crime tend to be given preference by the Commission when making its decisions.


The table below shows the amount of funding received by the Commission, the amount allocated directly to support organisations, and the number of organisations funded each year, as well as an estimate of the number of victims assisted.




Funding received by the Commission (€) Amount allocated directly to Support organisations (€) Number of organisations funded each year Estimate of number of victims assisted
2005 750,000  685,750 28 n/a
2006 1,100,000  885,250 33 6,625
946,125 37 7,862
2008 1,133,000 1,057,148 45 7,676
2009 1.383.000 1,234,000 42 n/a
2010 1,321,000 1,273,696 44 12,173
2011 1,321,000 1,166,548 46 13,874
2012 1,162,000 1,154,139 50


2013 1,203,157 1,196,478 49 15,302
2014 1,209,710 1,190,726 50 14,183
2015 1,212,000 1,203,112 50 18,177


The allocation of funding by organisation for each year is available in the annual reports of the Commission:


Commission Annual Report 2012

Commission Annual Report 2011

Commission Annual Report 2010


Financial Controls

The Commission endeavours to keep monitoring and evaluation to a minimum, while ensuring that adequate internal financial controls and governance procedures exist in each funded organisation. The Commission’s priority is to secure maximum benefit for the victim. It must also account for its distribution of taxpayers’ money.  Required financial procedures include the return of financial and evaluation reports for funding allocated by the Commission and the submission of audited accounts. Full details are available on the Funding Allocation Acceptance Form 2011 an organisation signs before drawing down funds.